Happy and Grateful – Day 253

The kids are all in school, there is a growing crisp in the air.  Football games and shorter days fill the weeks.  It is September.  I have accomplished another month of acknowledging my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join me as I continue my goal of one year on this journey.  Please join in with your happiness and gratitude in the comments or your own blog post.  No matter how bad the day is there is always something worthwhile in the day.

Today was a pretty quiet day.  I did some computer work, watched a movie with my boyfriend and started some laundry.  And that was enough for me to handle for today.  The fatigue was trying to bother me again today and I have been pretty down, but I made it through the day.

Nothing big and exciting for the day, but I have to look at the big picture.  With so many people effected by the hurricanes, wild fires and earthquakes I am just grateful to have a place to call home today… with power and water that is safe to drink.  I have been through flooding and boil warnings for water so I know how precious water can be.

On the same note, I am happy those I know in the areas of the hurricanes and fires are safe.  I tend to worry about things like that.

I take a minute to pray that these disasters are contained soon with little injured. Now I need to close my eyes.  Find you happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day!

(just discovered I did not post this last night… hope you all forgive me for being a little late with this post)