Mumbles … HELP!

Well I feel I must apologize for a couple of things. One of course is that I have been way behind on reading post, but I am also a little behind on writing, which brings me to a problem. I said at the start of this year that I would do the daily word prompts all year… that is now not going to happen with word press stopping the daily prompts, among other things. So here is where you can help me. I need daily inspiration to write… do you know of a daily prompt or challenge I could use to keep the creative juices flowing? If so I would love for you to add a link in the comments. It may end up that I just do a couple of weekly prompts and fill in the rest as my muses will allow. I am sad to see the daily prompts go… but some of them were not even good triggers for poetry. Maybe this is a chance to expand on my fiction writing too. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Now I need to get back to reading and think a little on archaic… is there a poem with such a word? Only the muses know! Have a great day/night!


I realize this is a little late, but happy New Year to you all!  I took a couple of days off – I was sick on New Years night and wiped out the next day because of it.  So now I am trying to catch up on reading and I am still trying to wrap my brain around what to do.

I have contemplated Wordy Wednesdays, Talkative Tuesdays/Thursdays, Shorthand Saturdays/Sundays, and even Monologue Mondays… none of them seemed to fit right.  I don’t want to be chained down to a particular day.  Almost all the time I was growing up and was terribly shy I would be told to speak up and stop mumbling, so I think Mumbles is a good fit.

Don’t ask me where I am headed with Mumbles, I am not entirely sure yet.  I like to think of it as a conversation between friends.  Who knows where my mind may wander to, but I honestly hope you will continue to join me in this written journey.

I do plan to still do the daily word prompts this year, but will try occasionally to branch out from only poetry posts.  There were a couple of words that really threw me on poetic standings, but I can always find ways to write around a topic (I think).  So that will be a challenge to try some flash fiction, limit word writing and maybe even structured poetry besides haikus and limericks.

Forgive me tonight as I fill your readers or inboxes with posts trying to catch up to date on daily posts.  One other thing I want to ask of you… please share with me what you like and don’t like about my mumbles.  I welcome comments!

So I will try to speak up a little but listen closely because this year will be my year to mumble…


In A Different League

I am trying something new.  One of the wonderful writers I follow has a writing prompt I am giving a try.  It is a ten word challenge and I think I accomplished something reasonably coherent from the blend of all the words.  Not quite my usual style, but it is a challenge after all.  Let me know what you think and join in the challenge if you would like.

This is the word list…


And this is the original post – Sumyanna Writes

Here goes…


I manage a shy smile…

Inside I am giddy with excitement

But I am too scared to let it show

My heart is about to pop out of my chest

There is no doubt I am in awe of him

But I punish myself with words of failure

Sure he can only see the bad in me

And there is no hope for a future

In addition to my internal fears

There is a steady supply of women

Willing to trot in front of him and bat their eyes

Why would he want someone plain like me

I look away from his chiseled features

And that five o’clock shadow he never shaves

Sure he is way out of my league

I suddenly see a shadow cross the base of my table

I look up into heaven as he smiles down at me…