Living the Teenage Dream

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*** Hey Paula, wanna go see the guys?  They are both working today.

  • I don’t know.  Barry was kind of indifferent the last time we talked.  I really thought we were headed somewhere too.

*** Don’t get discouraged.  Barry can be a snob when he wants to be and a pussycat the next.  I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

  • But Kim, I really like him, and I don’t want to screw up my chances with him.

*** I get that, but I really want to see Jay and I can “control” him better if there are others around.

  • Ok, but only for about an hour.  I still have homework to do before school tomorrow.  And if we are gone longer Mom wont buy that we are actually studying.

*** I don’t understand why your mom is so against you seeing college guys they are only two or three years older than us.

  • She just doesn’t understand the youth of today.  We mature a lot faster than she did in her day.

*** Well grab your purse we are going to campus!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – guys

Mumbles … Pristine

I hear the word pristine, and I can’t help but head back to my youth. The movie The Breakfast Club spoke for my generation and many more to follow. A timeless tale of stereotypes and the stress of teen life. It was a scene with Bender giving Clair a hard time and she flipped him the bird. His reply, “Obscene finger gestures from such a pristine girl.”

The movie had me relating with Allison (Ally Sheedy) who was desperately trying to be herself but fitting in nowhere. And Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) who was under a lot of pressure to get good grades. I was incredibly shy and wanted to belong somewhere and was in the shadow of my sister’s good grades.

The prom queen (Molly Ringwald) and the jock (Emilio Estevez) were not in my league. I was awful at sports, very uncoordinated, and like I said, I was shy, not a social butterfly. And I was far from Bender’s (Judd Nelson) character as I was the daughter of a cop and walked a straight and narrow line.

I have watched the movie numerous times and still today feel a wave of emotions from the film. It was quality film making and helped launch the members of the “Brat pack” into stardom. I randomly still quote lines from the movie and can pretty much follow along with the dialog now if I watch it. If you have not seen this John Hughes gem… I recommend you watch it!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pristine

Mumbles … Categories

What category would you pick if asked to come up with a category in like 5 seconds.  Back in my youth there was a game we would play called Categories.  It was a game where you would go in a circle snap your fingers two times and begin…

Snap, snap

“Categories” (said during two more snaps)

Snap, snap

(snap) “Dog breeds” (snap)

Snap, snap

(snap) “Go” (snap)

Then you would continue in the circle of people taking turns coming up with dog breeds or whatever the category was.  You always had to be ready with a new answer in just two snaps.  If you were deep in a category and running short on things to say, just say categories again and pick a new category.  It doesn’t sound too bad, but just two snaps is a very short amount of time if someone just said what you were going to say.

It was a fun game, frustrating at times, but it would almost always end in giggles as we stumbled over words trying to say something before the snaps were over.  The memories a single word can trigger are sometimes surprising. Did you have any games from your youth that you remember fondly?

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – category

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Falling Apart

My eye sight is fading

My hearing not the best

My skin is dry and spotted

With marks I haven’t seen yet

My hair is now grey

My face has wrinkles

My energy is out the window

With no indication it will ever return

…it seems just yesterday

I was in my youth

Dancing and laughing

And surrounded by friends and family

With age comes changes

Both good and bad

All I can do is

Muddle through the best I can


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – youth

Shy Beyond Words

The daily prompt of youth has me stumped.  I have thrown words around for a poem.  Tried to draw on the good and bad of my childhood.  And even looking to a child of war in the news this week.  The backspace won on all those issues.  Youth, especially mine, is not an easy subject for me.

I was shy… so much so even a trip to visit grandparents, aunts and uncles I saw only twice a year would see me become extremely withdrawn.  I think now looking back on it, it may have been early signs of my anxiety disorder showing through.  I would hide behind my parents and have to be persuaded to speak.  One on one would take at least a full day before I would open up much.

Being the shy kid at school also had its effects.  I had few friends and would be picked last for team play in gym.  I would always get marks on my report card to speak up and join in more.  I just couldn’t, I was too terrified to be wrong.  I was convinced the entire class would laugh at me.  I hated reading time when we took turns reading out loud as I would stumble on words and usually hear at least one snicker in the classroom.

Just writing about the memories I feel my chest tighten and a little of that fear return.  But I know what it is now.  I can safely go back and look at the pain with a little knowledge.  It give me a little validation for how I felt back then.  And to know all the times I heard people tell me to “just get over it” were wasted words and not something broken in me.

Remember not to push the next generation.  At least now we have more of an understanding of anxiety and depression issues in children as well as adults.  It is not something to be shy about.  On my depression and anxiety I will not shy away from speaking the truth.  I am getting help and know I am not alone.  None of us are.  (((HUGS)))