The Blush Of Truth

To me it seems obvious

I know I blush when I talk to him

I laugh a little too easily at his jokes

my heart beat is so fast and loud when he is near

if our hands should touch I smile for hours

silly things remind me of him

he is on my mind all day long

and in my dreams each night

…but to him he only sees a friend.

Daily Prompt: Reach

via Daily Prompt: Reach

Reach back I’m still here

Reach back I never left

Reach back into my life

Reach back I’m still here


Lost in thoughts of yesterday

Times when we would play

Those lovers games of a wasted youth

If only then we’d known the truth


Reach back I’m still here

Reach back I never left

Reach back into my life

Reach back I’m still here


You moved away to see the sights

I remember watching your tail lights

Fading into the darkness

My heart filled with emptiness


Reach back…

Find the past

That love still lasts

I never stopped reaching for you

Now you just reach back too


Reach back (reach back) I’m still here

Reach back (reach back) I never left

Reach back (reach back) into my life

Reach back, reach back, reach back I’m still here

Gale Force Anxiety

thoughts swirl into chaos

the lines are blurred

between right and wrong

good and bad

insane whirlwind tumbles

inside my troubled mind

unsure where to go

who to trust

my brain caught in a tornado

one of unending doubt

afraid of today

terrified of tomorrow

calm wind will never blow

so I grasp to hold on

to ride out the future

to escape the past

From One Thing To Another

My thoughts all scatter

like the mad hatter

the white rabbit is late

always so very late

no important date

never for me

I sit with anxiety

shunned by society…

The clock tick-tocks

my head full of rocks

rock and roll

full of noise

the noise of chaos

chaos of clatter

what’s the matter

my thoughts all scatter…

My Titanic

I want to turn back the clock
Find a way to just unlock
This distance between us two
Because I feel broken and blue.
I want to have hope again
And think maybe I could win,
Not be the loser I fear
Whenever you are not near.
But distance, time and years
Are in control of the gears
That steer this sinking ship
On a doomed path trip.
Never will I be enough for you,
Even though my love is true.
I must find a way to forget
I’m a piece that never will fit
This puzzle of love and joy.
Just remember my heart is not a toy…

Falling On Deaf Ears

I scream the words in silent fits of rage
They flow mist like past the unaware ears
Never do they meet and my heart shatters
Knowing the truth would be my death
The words were as honest
As the deafening silence replied
Creating a vacuum of unanswered dreams
A black hole my heart disappears into
One shard at a time…

Dreams To Ashes

Dreams twist realities
Anticipations take flight
Then in one bleak moment
A crushing fist of truth
Slams into my heart
The words of denial
Kill all confidence in me
Wishes are slaughtered
With the actions of certainty
I am left empty
Fantasies now burned ashes
Only nightmarish facts glare
I am not good enough
I am worthless

I Have A Question

Can I ask a favor?
-What do you need?
Time to adjust…
-To what?
The way that I feel.
-About what?
I thought I was asking the question?
-Ask away, but be prepared to answer too.
I am scared.
-That is not a question.
I am trying to face reality, while living in a dream.
-And your question is what?
What can I do?
-About what?
How do I stop my heart?
-Why do you have to stop it?
Because it is not fair.
-Life is not fair.
Just never mind…
-You know that I hate that.

-Just ask what you want.
The question is pointless.
-Let me decide that.
Can I have my heart back?