One Minute

Trying a little something different…. not real confident with my fiction attempt, but I am going to share it anyway.  At least I tried.  Let me know what you think.

I sat in my car with the engine still running. I glanced up to the window again and there were the silhouettes dark against the light of the room. He didn’t know I was coming over tonight. Now as the shapes moved to a silent song I felt I shouldn’t be here. One shape blurring into the other the two outlines became one. I was frozen to the spot. I knew it was her.
She had told me she would win him back some day. It had seemed like a promise and a threat. Now as I sat here watching them I knew it was true. She came back into town last week and I had heard through the grapevine she was looking for him.
When we first started dating Bill was convincing. He repeatedly said it was over with his ex-wife, but I had my doubts. Nothing I could put my finger on but a strong feeling just the same. Then Gloria met me downtown one day and told me he would be hers again. I will never forget her saying, “We have a bound you will never break.” I knew she was right.  The only reason I thought we had a future was because she was moving out of state.
Now as seconds turned into minutes, I struggled with what I should do. A part of me wanted to go in there and scream and shout. While the child in me was hurt and feeling abandoned.
The last thing I wanted was a fight so drawing a heavy breath I put the car into drive and slowly pulled away from the house. At least this way she would not see how hurt I was. I drove towards home and began to process the way I felt. I knew I would become stronger in the end, but tonight I would be gentle with myself. I will get through this one minute at a time.

2 thoughts on “One Minute”

  1. Really good Leigha you surely must do more. Maybe 1 a week ? To start.

    Its just a different discipline to poetry. I’m not sure which one is more difficult

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