At The Stroke Of Midnight

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Midnights darkness envelopes the world

As Halloween traditions take over the land

Pumpkins will glow and try to banish evil spirts

Children will delight in being scared for candy

Lonely survivors try to reach out to those who’ve died

Haunted houses terrify the masses in line

The movie marathons frighten those who dare watch

Will this be the year Houdini comes back

Don’t let the creatures of the night startle you

Beware of only one thing

Too much worry can wear you down

Relax and let the holiday bewitch you under its spell


Please look closely for all the ghost and ghouls out tonight and drive carefully. Celebrate wisely. And above all else have frightfully good fun!

They Walk This Way

Slowly shuffling forward

Their eyes are empty

Vacant stares ahead

No discernable words

Only guttural sounds escape

Their mouths agape

In search of nourishment

In mass they have one goal

These zombies are coming

It can only mean one thing

The time has come

For Monday morning

At the coffee shop

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Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that ending! Come on, Halloween should be fun too, not just scary. Besides my daughter works for a coffee shop… I have heard stories. Ha, ha, ha!


A life once lived but long since gone

An emptiness that dwells inside

Fears and mystery drown reality

Slowly becoming what never was

Ignored by many as too strange to touch

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It may just be a skull

But it holds the keys

To what I have become


Skulls have always fascinated me… not sure why. Funny story, there was a discovery of human remains in a landfill recently so they began to search the area for more bones… it ended up it was a medical grade replica. Oops! Is that a case of mistaken identity or what?


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They swarm around me unseen

Some to protect

Some to just watch

Some to never let me forget

The ghosts of my past

Are always with me

Those who have died

Those whose memory is strong

And those who still torture my soul

I have never seen them

But I can feel they are there

And will always be a part of me

They helped me become

Who I am today

And I welcome them

And their energies

Always beside me

Haunting echoes of my past


Do you have ghosts you are thankful for? We always carry those with us who have touched our lives for good or bad. Don’t let them scare you.

Man, Creation or Warlock

He must be a warlock

Casting a spell on me

I can’t stop smiling

And my heart is all a flutter

His potions must work fast

As I have been enchanted instantly

His kindness and concern

Leaves me mesmerized

Can a person really be that wonderful

And not be a conjured creation

I just sit back and take in another look

Sure my eyes have been hypnotized

Into a trance of happiness

And I am going to do nothing to stop it

Just hold on tight

While this man works his magic

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… just popping in here about midnight (yes, I know it is late tonight) to share some spooky things with you up until Halloween is upon us. Warlocks, ghost and skulls to name a few. Nothing scarier than real life too. So have a boo-tiful end of October and watch out for what’s around the corner. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Warning, This Is Not a Drill

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It  comes in quietly

Without any warning

All will be well

Then WHAM it hits

This debilitating disease

It’s unrelenting pain

And the chronic fatigue

Strikes any time of day

A flare sends my limping

To the medicine cabinet

I can barely stay awake

And my minds focus

Bounces around in circles

I feel like it’s me against the world

As I struggle to explain

Another appointment to cancel

Because I just can’t move

Or fear I will sleep driving

And loneliness closes in

Twisting my thoughts

Well I am warning you fibro

I will not let you win today

I may surrender to the symptoms

But I will never give up

Living the best life I can


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – warning

Endangered Species

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I feel so tired

Fatigue is dragging me down

I feel unwell

Just no energy inside

I feel uncertain

Emotions cloud my mind

I feel broken

My body is going on strike


If only there was a way

To squash these feelings

To erase the thoughts

To feel normal again

But alas…

I sit in my corner and wait

For the rare and illusive

Good day


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – squash

No Big Dill

Mmm, dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, oh, my Gma’s lime pickles!!!! Those altered cucumbers sure are tasty, but the first thing that came to mind with this prompt of Fandango’s was not any of those, it was a distant memory of a song. And this video explains the whole thing… kind of. Enjoy!


For Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pickle


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I believe the most important thing about a vacation is to relax and get away.  Then explain to me why after a five-day getaway I am just exhausted?  I know, I know… did I forget I have a chronic illness?  Did I really think a shopping vacation would happen without a lot of pushing through the pain and SLEEP?  Oh well, I did have a good time at least.

We were celebrating my niece turning 30 and so a girl’s trip was necessary.  We shopped the Mall of America in Minnesota enjoyed an adventure in an escape room, saw sharks and fish of all kinds at the mall’s aquarium, and enjoyed some really good food and drink… Margaritaville was by far my favorite!  But one thing in the back of my mind kept bothering me, I was sure I was forgetting something.

Oh, my goodness!  I never posted an “I will be away for a bit” post… I am such a scatterbrained!  So, I am here tonight to apologize for not giving you a heads up at least.  And to tell you I am once again behind and need to try to speed up the catch-up somehow.  So, I am letting you all know if I mark like on your blog it will mean just what it says… I liked your post (and I read it).  If I have a little time here or there I will comment, but I am really far behind again. I appreciate your forgiveness and patience in all of this.  THANKS! And as always (((HUGS)))!