Sugar on a stick
Give it a lick
Lollipop tastes so good
Wonder if I should
It’s not on my diet
I can’t help but try it
Cherry delight
Taste buds take flight
A return to childhood
If only I could
It turns my lips red
While thoughts in my head
Return to playgrounds
And the youthful sounds
Of happiness and laughter
Joys that I am after
and finally with a crunch
it ends my dessert from lunch

From Bad To Better

The day has been disastrous
Bills in the mail,
Pain in my back,
Phone calls from lawyers,
I’ve about had enough.

One thing after another –
The stress is piling up,
Anxiety takes hold,
Fear is creeping in,
My mind’s on overload.

I need to just unplug –
Relax my mind,
Clear my thoughts,
Slow down,
Take a deep breath.

It’s bound to get better –
Time will tell,
Sooner or later,
Keep hope alive,
Tomorrow is another day.


No One

The tears well up
Hanging on the edge
Of lashes already damp
I feel my breathing
Becoming more rapid
My heart is beating
A Morse code plea for help
No one can hear it
No one notices
No one is here
No one cares
While I struggle to live…

Just venting some frustrations tonight.  Better to have the thoughts out of my head onto paper (or the screen as it were) than roaming around my brain for hours.


From that first moment
There was something there,
Something that took hold of me
And has never let go.
I cannot see how
You don’t have that affect
on everyone you meet.
It’s almost an instinctual pull
Beyond my control.
It took all that was in me
To not act on that feeling,
To not savor ever moment,
To not devour every inch of you.
Your presence is intoxicating
And even though you’re gone
I’m still drunk on you.