Starting The Party Early

I hear the sound and cringe
How will I ever make it through
There is still a full week to go by
And the neighbors are already
Celebrating the Fourth of July
With fireworks booming
I am fine during the day
But when the still of night is here
And a sudden blast rattles the windows
That is when I jump
That is when my anxiety peaks
That is when I am on alert
And all tensed for the next bang
I cringe again…
They have not quit for the night yet
Until they do I will be
Hyper vigilant for the next explosion

6 thoughts on “Starting The Party Early”

    1. Are they legal there? Here we can buy them (state law) but can’t shoot them off (city ordinance) … a lot of cities in Iowa don’t allow them. But the police have more important things to do than pursue every noise complaint now that fireworks are so easy to get.

      1. They have sold them here, but they were not legal to use… for years. Not sure what that is about, as it seems odd to sell something you can’t use. Every year, people shoot them off all near the holidays. This year, I guess they got tired of responding to calls so they made it legal to sell and use.

      2. I don’t mind the little firecrackers, it is the big ones that I worry about as they can do quite a bit of damage to person or property if not used right… and look how often fireworks and beer are combined on the Fourth.

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