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I have done it again.  No, I have NOT fallen off of the face of the earth, no emergency trips to the hospital, I even survived close contact with someone who had covid but DIDN’T catch it.  I have no excuses, so I won’t even bore you with a sample of my day to day but sufficed to say I have just been caught up in life and have not put a priority on WP.  I aim to change that to a degree.

I want to at least get three posts in a week.  I think I can manage to do a word of the day, a picture prompt or some other kind of writing to “stay in touch” with all of you.  I feel bad for just kind of disappearing lately, but time has just been flying.  I mean the Fourth of July is already past, in the blink of an eye summer will be here and gone so I need to get my butt in gear!

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I will sample a bit of cold pizza when I heat up a couple of slices for a leftover dinner… it is so hard to actually cook for just one.  I live too much of a processed food life!  (Any ideas on EASY and quick meals for one?  I can use all the help I can get.)  I will be seeing you in the next couple of days.  Keep life simple and take a sample of nature everyday for some needed self-care.  Best to all of you! 

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – sample

12 thoughts on “Mumbles … Sample”

  1. Yeah, the Hiatus Monster claims us from time to time. At least you’re back to writing.

    I cook for myself all the time (my partner prefers takeout), and I always prep 2–4 days’ worth of salad in advance. Then it’s just a matter of taking out the containers from the fridge. Of course, salad isn’t enough, so I have prepped overnight oats as well. Fills me with fibre and nutrients in one meal. That’s my lunch every day.

    For dinner, the easiest meal I make is a random stirfry. Just throw in whatever vegetables I have in the pan, add some oyster and soy sauce, and perhaps scramble an egg separately. No skills needed (I’m a pretty crappy cook).

    Even easier, if you have an oven, just sprinkle a chicken leg with salt and pepper and throw it in, with some vegetables if you want. Beats the pizza by miles (maybe not in taste).

    The easiness continues if you have a slow cooker. Just throw some beans, tomatoes, carrots, celeries, and whatever meat you like in there and have a hearty bowl of chilli later. Refrigerate and you’ve got a few dinners at the ready.

    If you’re a Redditor, the sub r/EatCheapAndHealthy is also a great resource.

    Hope you find your dinner flow!

    1. What great ideas, thank you! I am a regular slow cooker user – at least every other week in some form. I do love a good stir fry and I often have chicken in the freezer. You have definitely steered me in the right direction… thanks again!

  2. Good to see you back Leigha. Life does gets too busy at times. I’d suggest pasta boiled and stored in fridge for multiple use. Then you can add chicken chunks or vegetable and cheese to it. It is an healthy option

  3. Hugs…

    Life eh…pesky bloody thing it can be.

    Id cook a chicken then you’re good for days with that…

    Some 5 minute noodles, microwave rice, quick boil of pasta and you’re almost there…

    Add sauce if choice and some chipped veges and that’s 4 or 5 days east least

    Or a massive cake

    Or 12 donuts…mmm…donuts

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