Perfect Dream

In pursuit of the perfect dream
I lost a lot along the way…
First to go was my mind
As troubles weighed me down
I felt as if I’d drown
Next was my heart
When I misjudged him then
I lost what could have been
Finally I have a body
That now rejects what I want
Memories of painless days only taunt
In pursuit of the perfect dream
I lost a lot of me…


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pursuit


A Pina Colada Day (FOWC)

The breeze is warm
Feeling moist on my skin
The sand is hot under my feet
The sun beats down
Coloring my skin
A cold drink in my hand
Quenches my tropical thirst
As I sit down in my chair
I am content to watch the waves
As they roll over the beach
In my little dream of paradise


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – tropical

In My Dreams

My health has resulted in

A chart filled with diagnoses

One disease blends into another

My dreams are filled with a panacea

To chase all symptoms away

But so far there are no cures

Only management by meds

So I slip back into slumber

For a brief hour or two of sleep

And dream of that wonder pill

So I can be normal again

Just Five More Minutes Please

I close my eyes
And sail across a dream
On silky smooth seas
Sparkling like diamonds
Only to find
The sea is a mirror
And the land
Is all yellow trees
Under a purple sun
I sail to find you
Floating upside down
Reaching for a cloud
Of marshmallow cream
I know you are lost
In this strange dreamland…


I awoke with a start

I was already panicked

Was the noise all a dream

Or was something the matter.

The sound woke me up

It was really quite loud

Was it a fire cracker going off

Or was it something more.

I looked all around inside

Peeked out through the curtains

But all seemed quite normal

Nothing held a fiery glow.

So it had to have been a dream

But I still can’t help but wonder

If some exterior sound may have

Warped my reality a bit this morning.